Welcome to Bridge Technology Operations

With exceptional service and professional performance, we serve some of Southside Atlanta’s most successful businesses and nonprofit organizations. We provide not only highly responsive and efficient technical support, but also customized annual technology plans that suit our customer’s individual needs. Our service delivery approach and incisive solutions make us an IT provider you can trust. Our ultimate goal is to fuse your business strategies with the most suitable technical solutions to unlock your business potential.

When to Make an IT Change

IT Never Learns

Do you continually re-explain your problems to new people? Not with Bridge’s long-tenured techs and careful notes.

You’re Tired of Sketchy Advice

Not quite sure your team knows what they’re talking about? Our consultants have big company experience and resources.

Your Current Support is Unresponsive

Are you on hold forever or waiting for a tech to arrive? Is 30 seconds fast enough? That’s our typical answer time.

Preparing for Growth and/or Opening a New Office

Pretty sure you’ve outgrown the company you use today? Bridge has the resources to help.

You’re Dealing with Too Many Surprises

Suffering with unscheduled downtime and untimely expenses? A tech plan with an annual budget from Bridge can solve that.

Your “IT Guy” Left

Did the company you’ve worked with in the past change direction? Bridge has been and will be here for the long-haul.

“Bridge Technology Operations understands and appreciates our mission. They embrace who we are and what we do and have been very flexible to create a support structure that makes sense for us.”

— Todd, International Non-Profit Executive