Managed IT Service Provider

When your company grows and evolves, you’ll begin to notice that your business needs change too. Though you may have gotten by with a one-person IT team in the past, you may soon find that this situation has become inefficient. Whether your business is getting bigger, you keep running into problems, or you are trying to save money, now may be the time for IT outsourcing in Atlanta. Here are a few of the most common signs that it is time to consider outsourcing your business’s IT services.

Your Corporate Structure Has Changed

One of the most common reasons why businesses outsource their IT support is growth and a change to their corporate structure. When you first started running your business, handling a couple of email accounts, backing up the network, and supporting a handful of computers may have been manageable for one person. As your business expands, your IT employee may not be able to meet the new tech demands of your company. It’s a lot to ask one person to support your increasing staff, strategize a future IT plan, and maintain old hardware. Hiring a managed IT service company can help your tech efforts to function more efficiently and support your company as it continues to grow.

You Worry About Digital Security Threats

It seems like every month you hear about a new cyberattack or data leak that puts millions of people’s private information at risk. But how likely is this to happen to your small business? Unfortunately, your company is susceptible to cyberattack, no matter how big or small it is. If you are worried about protecting your company’s and your customers’ confidential data, you should seriously consider outsourcing your IT support. These are experts in network security; they will do their best to protect your data and will have a plan in place in case something does happen to your information.

You’re Losing Time to Outages

Every time you experience a network outage, you are wasting time. This is a major interruption that can distract your employees, prevent them from completing their work, and negatively impact officewide productivity. If IT outages and failures eat up a lot of your company time, a managed IT service provider can help. They’ll keep your office outfitted with the latest technology, schedule service for times when the office is empty, and do everything they can to prevent future outages.

Outsourcing Human Resources

You Want to Save Money

When you run a small business, you may constantly be looking for ways to reduce your costs. You have to ensure that every dollar that you spend counts. One way to save your company money is by outsourcing your IT support. Paying a managed service provider to handle all of your tech needs is much more cost-effective than hiring one or two dedicated tech employees. Instead of paying for their salaries and benefits, you could put that money towards working with a whole team of experts who are knowledgeable about technology and dedicated to helping you succeed. For most companies, outsourcing is a lot less expensive, which will help to keep more money in your company bank account.

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