7 Ways Businesses Can Prevent Cyberattacks

Because there are as yet no standardized policies on cybersecurity in the business world, most small-to-medium-sized outfits are virtually on their own when it comes to creating cyber defense protocols and controls. Specifically, the SMBs who have no CTO, CIO, or vCIO...

Cyber Security Predictions

There have been so many breaches in the last year, we have learned new lessons that we should have known before. We should also keep in mind that history tends to repeat itself, which means your cyber security is constantly at risk.  I will provide you with my top 7...

Top Modern Confidence Crimes to Watch Out For

We are all aware these days of how cautious one must be when it comes to electronic communications of any kind. Con-artists, or confidence artists (the term “artists” used very loosely in this case) or con-men (confidence men) seemingly lurk around every cyber (and...

Why You Need to Know What Malvertising is and Does

It’s called malvertising – a contraction of “malevolent advertising,” – and it’s all over the Web. It’s a particularly nasty bit of malware, purveyed by cybercriminals who get the legitimate-looking ads up on popular sites, and even hiding a malicious ad’s URL inside...

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