The statistics on how beneficial managed services are to any business entity are clear and telling. Whether you are a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, SMB, or large corporation, managed IT services can greatly propel you towards your business goals by streamlining the performance and productivity of your computer network. Our managed IT services in Atlanta make outsourced IT management easy, cost-effective, and a great investment in your computer networking power. In this post, we will outlay some key metrics that back up these claims.

Managed IT Services Facts and Figures

Below are some statistical facts on managed IT services gathered from various authoritative sources:

  • 82% of companies that have moved to the cloud are saving money.
  • Only 50% of organizations use some form of managed services, according to a Business Solutions Magazine survey.
  • By 2019, managed services spending could account for almost 20% of all IT services spending around the world.

Here are the top managed IT services, broken down individually and by percentage used by business entities (We offer most of these):

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery        8%
  • Remote Monitoring & Management    8%
  • Managed Network Security        6%
  • Hardware-as-a-service                    4%
  • Software-as-a-service                    4%
  • Office365                                          4%
  • Managed Communications (VoIP etc.) 4%
  • Mobile Device Management          4%
  • Payment Processing                    2%
  • Hosted Cloud/Video Surveillance         1%
  • Managed Print                               1%

Industries with the strongest need for managed IT services in Atlanta (based on national statistics) are ranked as following:

  • Healthcare                      7%
  • Manufacturing              6%
  • Financial                      6%
  • Retail                  5%
  • Legal                                 5%
  • Restaurant                      5%
  • Warehousing/Distribution  44.4%
  • Education                      4%
  • Government                       4%
  • Transportation            3%

The Economizing Factor in Managed IT Services 

Having a managed service provider (MSP) handling your IT management frees you and your staff up to work on more strategic objectives related to your daily business operations. And, they can handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure, end-to-end, which fills in the cracks left by “spotty” IT services. Managed IT services in Atlanta could be the answer to your IT worries, deficiencies, and subsequent hit to your bottom line.

Need Optimum Atlanta Managed IT Services?

You can see that it’s not just the healthcare and financial industries that require experienced managed service providers to stabilize and maintain their computing networks with better data backup and recovery, cyber security, and other managed IT services. All business outfits benefit from managed IT services.

If you feel your enterprise’s IT network is at all vulnerable (at least 80% of SMBs in a recent study) then it’s time to call an OnsiteRIS IT specialist and get a consultation on getting better managed IT services in Atlanta. Call 404.952.2600 or email us at info@onsiteris.com today for more information.