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More companies and small businesses are opting for the convenience of outsourcing their IT support functions. Outsourcing IT support provides an obvious economic benefit, but it can also allow for more responsive service, a broader knowledge base when facing IT issues, and improved IT infrastructure. However, hiring a firm to handle your IT support in Atlanta alone doesn’t always set the course for a smooth operation. There are numerous mistakes you can make that can cause problems when IT services are outsourced.

As is the case when selecting any service provider for your business, there are many decisions that must be made and factors to consider when hiring an IT support firm. While you want to find the firm that will give you the most bang for your buck, it’s also important that you wisely consider some of the other facets of outsourced IT support services. In other words, it’s not just about who supports your IT functions, but how those IT functions are supported. Keep reading here to learn a few of the common mistakes made by companies when they outsource their IT functions and how you can avoid them.

Mistake 1: Assuming the OEM is Best for Support

Many people assume that the OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is the default best option for support. That, however, can be a faulty assumption. OEM support services will only provide support for the equipment that they manufacture. That means that if you use OEM support, you may have multiple support providers, which can be problematic. Unless your data centers feature equipment from only one manufacturer, using the OEM support provider may lead to a confusing jumble of support services that can leave you in limbo. It’s better to consider a third-party support provider that can provide support for a wide range of equipment from many manufacturers to get more comprehensive services.

Mistake 2: Self-Support

You may have great faith in your IT team and think that you can cut a corner by supporting equipment in-house. This too can be problematic. Though it may result in a cost savings when compared to OEM support providers and some third-party support firms, it will eventually lead to increased downtime for your critical equipment. If you have multiple failures that overwhelm a small support staff, your business can effectively grind to a halt. Conversely, you may maintain a staff of IT support professionals that have little to do most of the time, especially if you own a small business. Those positions that provide little return for the investment can result in payroll bloat that is a constant drain on your finances. Also, while your IT support staff may be jacks-of-all-trades, they likely won’t have the in-depth product knowledge to manage your entire data center inventory.

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Mistake 3: Failure to Back Up Servers Properly

Your servers are the lifeblood of your digital presence. Both internal and external platforms store data that is critical to your business, and a loss of that data could be devastating. Years of business records, tax information, payroll, and HR information could be lost in a server crash, which could leave you with a data nightmare from which your business may not easily recover. Make sure that you have a mechanism in place for regularly backing up the critical data in your servers to prevent catastrophic disruptions in business data continuity. Your support service can handle this function for you in most cases. Just make sure it’s included in any quote you receive.

Mistake 4: Upgrading Infrequently or Not Frequently Enough

Upgrading hardware for your business is an exercise in walking a fine line. Upgrade too often, and you’ll see your IT budget skyrocket beyond your ability to manage it. Update equipment too infrequently, and you could find yourself experiencing frequent downtime that results in lost production. Some OEM support services will push you to update frequently as a way of increasing profits and driving sales of their equipment. Don’t buy into the sales pitches. Instead, let your business and workflow tell you when you need new equipment. But don’t err to far to the other side of the equation, as a business in this age is only as good as its IT infrastructure. Make sure that you don’t get left in the past with inefficient, aging equipment.

If you’ve made the decision to outsource your IT support, make sure that you avoid these common mistakes to make the most out of your experience. By taking a measured approach to upgrades and finding the right IT support firm, you can get top-quality support services at a price point that fits your budget, regardless of the size of your company. To avoid these mistakes, hire Bridge Technology Operations, the best IT support service in Atlanta.